Karl Marx – Machinery and Modern Industry

Karl Marx – Machinery and Modern Industry


Invention of machines to take better advantage of the force of nature to accomplish the work and inquisitive activity of humans is no doubt a positive and essential aspect of human evolution.  Humans are not necessarily spiritually and psychologically ready to incorporate scientific advancement into their societies in ways that are beneficial to all in the society.  If a society is structured in a stratified manner that exploits its members to the benefit of a few, then scientific invention introduced into that society will simply be used to solidify and maximize that arrangement.  This is the case is a capitalist / racist society.  Today’s world is dominated to a large extent by global capitalists backed by power technology that is also implemented in tools of warfare (smart bombs, weapons of mass destruction, germ warfare, etc.). Elite oppressors use technology to maximize their profits, expand their hold on raw materials, markets, and labor.  This monopoly on capital wealth is backed by the military might of government that is essentially set up to maintain the stratification of wealth and power.   As technology grows exponential so will the greed and oppression by the elite oppressors.  In Chinese philosophy extreme yang will eventually transform into weak yin, and extreme yin will eventually transform into weak yang.  Yin in this case is the negative energy of capitalist greed.  I think the masses of people will eventually revolt against the current stratified arrangement and opt for an economic system that spreads the benefits of innovation more equitably.   I guess this is the decisive working class revolution that Karl Marx predicted. 


Consider the utopian case where the fruits of advances in technology and innovative processes are distributed more or less equitably amongst all members of society, and each nation ideally respected the sovereignty of other nations’ boarders (not exploit their resources).  Then new technological invention would certainly free up members of society to engage in a higher order of work, that is less arduous.  Society will move to better overall health.  Society members would be increasingly able to engage in creative works that extend the frontiers of positive human expression.  How to move from entrenched oppressive control of the worlds resources by capitalist elites, to an ideal of equitable distribution of the fruits of labor and natural resources is a problem I believe the human spirit will eventually surmount. 


3 Responses to “Karl Marx – Machinery and Modern Industry”

  1. Eric Says:

    This so called “utopian” society, although Utopian suggests perfection and things can always be improved on, sounds like http://thevenusproject.com/ aka A Resource Based Economy. Except TVP suggests claiming the world’s resources as common heritage to all people so the world doesn’t consist of countries that are haves and have nots. At some point in history land was stolen from someone else.

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