Writing the history of the Internet

Reflecting on the article, “Writing the History of the Internet”, my overall feeling it that the Internet is one of those human inventions that speeds up the expression of that which is noble in the human spirit, as well as that which is base.  It magnifies or amplifies these expressions.  As such, it raises the stakes of human endeavor.   As communication, the exchange of knowledge and resources (online trading) increasingly occur and mature over the Internet, we are forced to make faster, more frequent, and often highly consequential decisions via computer networks.  Can we handle this intensity, this faster push of human evolution?

We do have a choice.  We can make the most and best of it, or we can use the technology and its potential in negative ways, i.e. foster a greater control of global capitalists over the world’s resources and knowledge. 


The other amazing feeling I have is that I have lived in the time period when the Internet has evolved from inception to its current blossoming.  The technological leaps we are currently experiencing are increasing exponentially as the time to make them is compressed.  It’s a marvelous thing to experience so long as we turn a blind eye to the reality that not everyone is benefiting from the fruits of technological progress.  It is encouraging to know that Internet was fostered to a large extent by the quest for a democratization of computer technology and information sharing.  Perhaps this impulse of the human spirit will ultimately overcome the ravenous effects of the misuse of technology by those strictly motivated by personal profit (corporate greed) and militarism. 


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