Dissertation Abstract – First cut

Using Interactive Technologies to Create a Multiplier Effect of Meaning Potential in High School Math Classes


My dissertation research project is ethnographic, phenomenological and hermeneutical. It explores ideas around the construction of culturally empowering math learning spaces that mitigate constraining structures in public education, erected in large part by the historically constituted motive force of racism. I focus on how interactive technologies can be deployed to facilitate the construction of these learning spaces, and accomplish the transformation of constraining structures. This practice entails using interactive technologies in culturally sensitive ways, contextualizing math content and technology tools with the life worlds and collective goals of students; rather than teaching math and technology tools in abstraction from these. This approach can create a multiplier effect of knowledge and social capital accumulation in local public schools to accelerate student achievement.

Key Words


Cultural capital




Interactive technologies

Knowledge capital

Meaning potential

Multiplier effect




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