Two types of integration, conflated and confused.

I am keenly aware of two different forms of integration.  There is the integration that African Americans have fought and bled for in this country in attempts to become equal in this society. The result of this integration has been an abandoning of self, to take on the false projected self, defined and created by others. To become honorary White is the distorted goal of this integration, which requires a fading of the Black. The fade cream is more than a physical cream, but is also a mental and cultural whitewashing.  To be in the melting pot, requires a melting away of the previous recognizable form of a people, to become a molding of another’s creation. Consumers, entertainers, cheap laborers, imprisoned free laborers, want-a -bes, haters of our own culture, ignorant of our history, seekers of pleasure to mask the pain, disorganized, divided, hungry for acceptance, believers in this form of democracy and meritocracy, the lie that they earned it and if you just work hard enough all will be well with you and your people.

Abandoning one’s culture to make a people acceptable to another people. Abandoning one’s mother land, traditions, stories, practices and collective identity as a people, and accepting fabricated substitutes by oppressors is the requirement of this integration.

This all causes an exteriorization of one’s identity.  We become outwardly fixated, losing a knowing of Self. This integration demands subordination, enslavement, and a limiting existence. It is ego of the oppressor being projecting onto and enslaving the ego of the victim. Both the oppressor and the oppressed are at once bounded by webbings and encrustations of a false view of life; separation.

Yet the ancients have given a master key to life, “Know Thy Self”. This admonition leads to a different kind of integration.  This other integration comes not by rejecting one’s cultural inheritance, though it is too large to restrict ones view to exceptionalism, seeing one’s culture essentially superior to another by default.

This other integration comes not by rejecting one’s self, but does move us to go beyond the confines of ego self to embracing a Self that recognizes Its onenesswith all Selves.

This integration sees God and Man as one.  It sees without the discriminating, segregating mind; but rather with Integral Awareness that embraces all as the All.

This other integration is of the mind, correcting a blurred distorted vision leadingto all kinds of stumbling and blunders and unnecessary destruction through life.

This other integration embraces our true Nature, eternal Being, that is both formed and formless; yet surpasses descriptions of both. Integral vision of integral Being, living the integral Way of Life is this other integration.


4 Responses to “Two types of integration, conflated and confused.”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Roland, I’ve enjoyed reading your insightful commentary. Looks you’re ready to write a book! I am a freelance educator and writer. I can be reached at

    • puso01 Says:

      Hello Leslie. I’m happy to know that you appreciated this writing. May I have your detailed take on the subject? I will have more to say after that.

  2. Leslie Says:

    Lol … Roland, I am a former adjunct faculty professor and doctoral student so I have the ability to write a compelling or intellectual take on the subject of your writing. Having that said, please accept my succinct remarks to express my deep sentiments on the subject matter as woman; understanding that being black is an experience not a lifestyle. I agree wholeheartedly that knowing one’s true identity is important to build a foundation and have a purpose-driven life. Our society is sewn together with the thread of racism and clothed fabric of hypocrisy … on the backs, sweat and tears of our enslaved ancestors. The black community has suffered … been led astray, run amuck, bamboozled … blaming the “white man” … truth be told what we need as you eloquently note is to simply learn Our HISTORY … I wrote a book about a serious public health issue that and also pays homage to several women that I find truly amazing. Ellen Craft, Harriet Jacobs and Phillis Wheatley. I feel incredibly blessed being Authentically Leslie …

    • puso01 Says:

      I also think that a big part of the culture of oppression is the culture of complicity in one’s own oppression. I think that the day we collectively decide to not comply with Global White supremacy, is that day that African government will truly be born (a Federated United States of Africa), and the children of the diaspora will find our way back to respectability and prosperity.

      Where can I find your writing. What serious public health issue did you research?

      And I would like to know more about authentically you!

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