Egyptian Priest’s Instruction For Building a Harmonious Society – from my book “I Am the Way the Truth and the Light”

The setting is ancient Egypt, as it is undergoing invasion by Asiatic hordes, the Hyskos in 1430 BC. The high priest is giving instruction to an initiate on how to reinstitute the harmonies of a healthy society, Maat, within the very bowels of the invaders. That night, as instructed, the father and his daughters return to the house of the Shekemu (high priest). “Anetch Huraten Atef-Mut Neter. Anetch Huracten Shekemu. As we prepare to make the journey to the land of the Asiatics,” the father says, “Our hearts are open to receive your teachings.” The chief priest smiles on this little family and says, “Nefer-t, I thank you for expressing your sprit of Maat with all the village. Auseti, I thank you for saving my blood. Remember, Auseti, that with a sincere heart and complete identification with our True Self, we possess power over all external circumstances. Remember, too, that we must be willing at the appropriate time to sacrifice our blood for the sins of the world. Now Nefer-t, you wish to know how to nurture a natural, harmonious society while living among the Asiatics? Daughters, this may be my final instruction to you. Listen well.” “The Neteru, or fundamental principles of life, are rooted in and obey the Will of the Universal Divine One. So too do wise and prosperous societies take root in and obey the Will of the Universal Divine One. “The Neteru have different functions; yet each Neter shares equally in the One Source of Life, and is Its extension. Each relies on the others. Can hot exist without cold? The moist without the dry? Light without darkness? Fullness without the void? Is one expression of Neter Neter (God of the gods) more important than the others? No. Each defines and shapes the other. Each Neter is but a variation of the One Life Force. So, too, do natural societies respect the variations, different talents, and expressions of people, understanding that they all share equally in the One Source of Life. Each adds to the productivity of life. Each can assist the other in a harmonious interplay of Life Force. Leaders without this understanding establish societies where one segment exploits another for selfish gain. “In Nature, all things are constantly changing, yet behind all changes lies the unchanging truth of Universal Oneness. Through the use of oracles and a developed intuition, the wise leader discerns the Divine Will, comprehends life’s phases, and can thus wisely determine what teachings and practices are appropriate for a given period. This is Heru following the Divine Will as taught by the Neter Tehuti, teacher of divine speech or the Medu Neter. Guided by the ego, the intellect, and desires, rather than by the Divine Will, the unwise leader promotes narrow views. The unwise leader promotes teachings, dictates rules, and keeps ministers who are not appropriate for a phase of the society as a whole. Such a leader moves society far from true knowledge of the Higher Collective Self, Ausar. “The Neteru are constant and pervasive in their potent influence, yet they allow for change, variation, retreat, renewal, and full development of all things. Natural societies have constant and pervasive rules of order for actualizing the potency of life. These societies also allow for change, variation, and the appropriate application of laws according to time and place. What is potent, effective, and harmonious in one time and place may not be so in another. The wise leader knows how to make adjustments according to time and place while still administering over the fundamental order and power of life. This defines the Shekemu, who access the powers of Sekert, Neter of fundamental structure and order. The unwise leader is not able to discern the appropriate laws according to time and place. He therefore misuses powers entrusted to him. This misuse of power may be intentional and for selfish gain. True spiritual power is beyond such negative intention. The unwise leader then often compounds the problem at the expense of others by seeking temporal powers as a substitute for true spiritual power. “The earth, the waters of the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars all give their energies freely and equally to all, even to those who have strayed from the path of normalcy. Natural societies do not hinder the virtuous fulfillment of their members. In natural societies, all members are cared for, especially in times of difficulty. This is impartial love with the heart of Maat, deity of universal love. “The constant cycles of nature give birth to and support the evolution of all life. Natural societies live in tune with the cyclic phases of nature. Understanding that all things in nature are equally important and have a symbiotic relationship to each other, these people respect the rhythms of the natural environment. This is called living according to the laws of Maat. Without this understanding and respect for the laws of Maat, a society abuses or destroys the natural environment, or lives beyond the environment’s sustainability. With a further lack of restraint, it seeks to plunder the lands of its neighbors. This is done with ignorance to the Law of Energy Response that ensures a corrective response from nature. “In natural societies, on the other hand, laws are applied consistently and equally to all members. These laws are derived from natural developments and universal principles. They are not artificially established for the gain of some over others. “In nature, when corrective forces are applied to a type of energy arrangement, this is done because this arrangement threatens the harmony of the whole, not just because it is different. In natural societies, an individual or a group is not arbitrarily singled out for correction because their characteristics or behaviors are different from others in a society. It is only when individuals or groups threaten the virtuous fulfillment of the society as a whole that forces are applied to limit them. To apply limiting force otherwise is to be unnaturally discriminating, which leads to social ruin. “When society is governed by the desires of the lower nature, disharmony and criminality are engendered. Based on ignorance, lack of reasoning and identification with the lower self, these desires allow feelings of discrimination, sexism, and egoism to flourish. In this condition, people come to feel that they are separated individuals who have a right to hurt and even own others who are “below” them as measured by physical strength, wealth, or fame. This egoism and separative individualism engenders a feeling that others, including nature, are objects for one’s own egoistic aims. Thus it becomes possible to plunder, dominate, kill, or destroy others. When society is based on the principles of spiritual truth, the lower nature is channeled, refined, and harnessed as an aid towards spiritual and material achievements that benefit all life. When opportunities are promoted for all to discover their full potential in an atmosphere of caring, understanding, universal love and support, then the best in humanity is brought forth. “The goal of leaders in a natural society is to provoke the awakening, development, and integration of its members’ inner Neteru so that they may all become Ausar. This is a process that cannot be forced. It is a natural development facilitated by leaders who are guided according to the intelligence of the heart rather than the intellect or desires. This is called Heru following the guidance of Tehuti. Such a leader intuits from the Divine within. Such a leader knows how to continuously renew, vitalize, and organize a society.” But now Nefer-t interjects a question. “Shekem,” she says, “I understood your teaching about bringing heavenly energies in support of earthly energies as a way to manage one’s spiritual development. How can I relate that to promoting a healthy society among the Asiatics?’ The Shekem responds, “In nurturing a healthy and productive society, heavenly energies of the leadership must be lowered to support the more earthly energies of all people in the society. The leadership of a society must find or create ways to fuel the productive development of the society. The people will respond and work toward the heavenly goals of the society. If the leadership of a society does not develop, refine, and identify with the lowest of its people, then nothing positive will come from such a society, and it will eventually disintegrate. If leadership is too strong and intrudes itself too much into the daily lives of people, then their hot heavenly dictates will cause the people to rebel against it, and nothing positive will be accomplished. For individuals and societies, there must be a healthy balance of heavenly and earthly energies to produce that which is natural, potent, and enduring. “Daughter, true growth occurs in the process of solving the problems of life, both individually and collectively. All difficulties can be resolved through following the holistic, integral way of life. Creating a better society and world starts with creating internal spiritual development. If you can create internal harmony, then you know how to create external harmony. If you know how to govern yourself, then you know how to govern society and the world. Through spiritual self-cultivation, one comes to realize that there is an indivisible unity between all things, and that there is no self versus others, Black versus White, male versus female. Because we all share the same essential nature, we are all one, and the one is continuously expressed in all. With this holistic vision, a people of virtue will plant the seedlings of a new age of enlightenment and civilization that will sprout and cover the earth.” The father now addresses the Shekem. “Venerable Shekem, I am eternally grateful for your instruction. I have one last request. Please give to us some words of spiritual power that will protect us and help us remain on the integral way as we make the journey into the land of the Asiatics.” The Shekem responds, “My Son, the power of any prayer or invocation comes from the sincere projection of the heart. With sincerity, one invokes the greatest powers of the Universe. Without sincerity, there is no power. For your protection you may repeat, from time to time, these words with great sincerity: Highest Universal Spirit, the One without a second, you and I are One. I also give you these cautionary words: Thoughts and words have their power, but the greatest power comes from living and being the integral way of life. Constantly practice virtue and wholeness in all activities with awareness of the Divine Source, your true self, as the doer of all activity. This is the greatest protection and potency of life. Auseti, this is the Source of your Mystical Pearl; the Source from which the greatest healers draw their power.” Auseti asks, “Venerable Shekem, how did you know about the Mystical Pearl? I have told no one about that old man who showed it to me. And how did you know that I once failed to have my healing stone when the life was leaving a body right before me?” “Daughter,” the Shekem replies, “I and Highest Universal Spirit are one. Now I give to you this word of power to use when there are conflict and tension around and in you. It is HA. This is similar to the sound you make when you are laughing deeply from the belly. It is good to remember not to dwell only on the seriousness of life, but to also be joyful and spiritually tipsy at times. This will help you to be flexible to your surroundings. Tension causes stiffness. Recall that when the winds of life are fierce, it is the stiffest trees that snap first. Remain firm to your principles; yet be flexible to all that is around you. The Divine One experiences this life through you for its greater purpose. This Divine One, who expresses as your True Self, does not kill and is not killed. Even as you see an enemy, it is the self seeing itself. This is why you must love even your enemies as you love you self, even if you may have to slay your enemy to uphold the greater justice and peace.” “Venerable Shekem,” the father says, “we are now fully prepared to leave for this journey following tomorrow’s initiation ritual. Is there anything else we should know in preparation for tomorrow’s initiation ritual?” The Shekem responds, “This journey will be your daughters’ initiation. It will be the means by which they will fulfill the meanings of their names. Indeed, their journey will be our journey and the journey of all humankind for all ages.” And hearing those final words, the father and daughters bow, thank the Shekemu, and return to their home.   Africans need to draw upon the spiritual tools available to us to endure this time of darkness. That we have not forgotten how to laugh and enjoy as we struggle through this experience is a testament to our strong spirits. Of course, laughing is not sufficient. We must fully prepare ourselves by accessing some serious spiritual powers to help weather the oppressive forces arrayed against us, and to help create a better world based on Maat. We are all on a journey toward achieving an abiding realization that we are the One Self experiencing Itself in various forms. This is the journey of all humankind for all ages. The current struggle we are all in with global White supremacy is just one stage in a series of that journey. When we find our true Selves and conduct all movement from that, then we can maintain an inner smile, even through the harshest of times. The dark clouds of global White supremacy dimmed the light of Khemit. Some estimate that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade directly claimed over one hundred million African lives in conjunction with one hundred million Native American lives during the holocausts perpetrated by supporters of global European racism. I don’t now the exact number; but I do know that the negative energy of the system of global White supremacy was and is capable of such vast destruction. There is also the death of the unborn, the seed from the flower destroyed. The system of global White supremacy has also claimed countless millions of minds. Global European racism has caused each of its supporters to die the second and worse death of forgetting who they really are.


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