Know Thy Self … there is no greater truth than the Truth under your skin.

When I was just coming into my manhood, around 18 or so, I found myself homeless. Well not exactly homeless, because I was given $60 to make my way.  I made sure to pack a bible with me, because I consciously said to my self, if I ever needed God it was now.  I also had a long blade just in case. I did not know if God existed, but I needed to find out quick. I somehow managed to rent a room in Manhattan for a week with that money. It was a 10’ by 6’ green room, with no bathroom.  During that time my biological brother paid me a visit.  It was a short visit, where we butted heads because he gave my dog away to someone to be a security dog. He did give me one good piece of advice before leaving, and that was to search out Covent House, a crisis intervention center for youth in Manhattan.  I found it, and thanks to them, I had a place to stay, I eventually landed a job, a short 2-month stint in the Marine Corps (my decision), and eventually a 6 months stay with a Catholic priest and 7 other homeless youth. 

Through intense mental anguish, searching, thinking, contemplating, I came to the conclusion that God did exist, and that the Catholic Church was the true apostolic church of God. Covent House gave me a 4-year scholarship, all expenses paid, to college. I became a practicing Catholic for 10 years, until I was 28.  During that time, my delicate conscience was plagued with guilt, fear, repression, and conflict while trying to be true to my faith. In the end, I renounced that faith because of one main reason.  I found out that the Catholic Church condoned slavery. I could not believe that a true church of God would EVER condone slavery of African or any people. Over the next 25 years, that included a 17 year professional career in computer application technology, and 9 years of teaching, I explored African / Egyptian, Hindu, and Taoist philosophies. These gave me the strength to develop my understanding and spirit beyond religion. 

This summer, planning on just writing and researching on my new book on collective African consciousness, I found myself digging into my personal library on the evidence against a historical Jesus Christ, who was crucified, rose from the dead after 3 days, and ascended into heaven in front of a multitude of people. I must have cross-referenced over 40 old and new books.  My conclusion after this research is the same as when I started. It is as follows, which is the point of this note:

1)   Religion is created as a control structure for the masses.

2)   European and Arab religions have not benefited the African continent. We lived a spiritual life, according to spiritual principles, as in Egyptian Maat, and that served us well, prior to being invaded by Asiatics and Europeans. In fact EVERY single religious concept borrowed by Western religions were millennia old in African before a European even existed. 

3)   There are no chosen people. That concept is strictly propaganda by a group of xenophobic people who have never learned how to get along with others.

4)   There is no external savior, no one name, where by humanity will be saved. That belief is also part of the control system. We must develop the strength and wisdom to be our own savior. The kingdom of God is within.

5)   There is a unity to life, a Supreme Being that we ALL are One with.

6)   We all have divine Souls; but that our dualistic thinking obscures our perception of our inner divinity. Once we develop a non-discriminating mind, we will see our true divine Self.

7)   There is no greater truth that the truth that is under our skin.

I am grateful that the divine within and without has led me to this realization, and I gladly share it with everyone so as to spare them the suffering I endured to arrive at this understanding. I encourage everyone to arrive at their own inner Truth and true Being. Journey well.


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