From the Sacred Sanctuary

From the Sacred Sanctuary

From the sacred place I share this heart refreshed by the Divine Bliss.

From the sacred place I share life recast in mold of Truth Thought,

From the sacred place where this being has consecrated all to the All;

Where all members are spiritualized, universalized and divinized,

I invite you to join with me, in the ecstasy of the Divine Pulsation, Emanating from the secret space of stilled, yet infinitely fast Force of Being.

Here we shall talk; we shall breathe breaths of fresh rarified air.

Here we shall gaze into each other’s eyes in peace, in friendship, in trust, in Love

All our tensions have been left behind, as protective sheaths of war, Discarded once eternal peace is had; and the nakedness of our true Selves Is revealed to one another in its essential splendor and majesty.

Our words, our sincere intentions have momentous effect on past present and future.

Here there’re no masks, no ulterior motive, no hiding, no running, no worry, no doubt.

Sit with me in this sacred sanctuary and let us with unfettered hearts gradually

Release God’s miracles made normal, issuing from our souls before one another.

In this sacred place we are no longer strangers as we reveal parts of ourselves,

Always known to each other as if you are my other Self, and I am yours. We maintain our difference just enough to realize the bliss of Supreme Yoga.

In this sanctuary we can explore and know the deep recesses of each other’s Soul.

There are no longer reasons for veils; all is open; our exchange is free from duty tax.

There is no need for fear; the Divine Will/Force holds all negatives at bay.

Knowing God’s Will/Force/Bliss Being, discovered in the sacred sanctuary of our being.

This knowing is not a phantasm of spirit world, for spirit births and suckles the physical.

The sanctuary is not a place for escape, but for realization, rejuvenation, remembering.

Remembering, putting back together, making whole, seeing correct relations,

Merging with Love Being, discovering hidden Divinity, identifying with Source Self.

This is immortality not just for the sacred sanctuary, used as place of hiding and delusion.

Infinitude embraces finite; immortal takes up the mortal; Divinity expresses through man.

Expanding personal love, becoming God Lovers, dissolving ego, all actions made sacred.

Attaining integral vision, all the earth now our sacred sanctuary for Divine Play.

The Host sends forth Its Supernal Light, readying the stage for great transformations.

We are ready for the movement to higher planes yet unvisited.

On this voyage for two, all that is base is ejected or else transmuted to lighter principle, More useful for our maiden voyage to lands of Soul before unexplored.

Why a voyage for two and not just one? It is for one, two for the price of one.

Under the transforming Light we close the gaps between us. Though different we become one, as a rainbow embraces the entire spectrum.

Our hearts, no longer the solo drummer of beats, rejoices in the symphony of free Lovers. Lovers loving the music, loving each other, loving the audience of the gods,

Loving the Host for whom all is arranged and played.

Even our music is transformed, no longer misread notes on Music sheets turned veils.

We play not by sight but by meditative improvisation to each other’s heartbeats.

For in this sanctuary, though cool, placid, calm in atmospheric bliss, It is well lit by the Divine Light and we see clearly each other’s cues.

We see not with mortal eyes, hear not with mortal ears, knowing only parts for the whole.

We have taken on immortal vision that sees all by identity and oneness.

We exercise the cords of each other’s hearts, sometimes playing each other’s parts.

Thus we intimately know the full range the melodic harmonies of Soul music.

We are ready for the great duet, our instruments refined for immortal play. When we play, I know not where I end and you begin, our sounds blending in intricacy.

No feeling of being constrained, as our music bounces off of chambers with no walls.

Our notes transport us to continents yet uncharted, God travelers discovering God lands.

God playing hide and seek with Him/Her Self, exploring as if never seen before.

And is it not better to play with another, than with one’s self, though it is one’s Self?

This is why I’ve invited you to this sacred playground, for mystical play. Not a fleeting game of illusions; but the greatest game, the Lila of Love. Is Love a frivolous game? Am I to toy with your heart or you with mine? No.

It is a game of realities wrought of Truth Being, of Spirit Breath exchanged between us.

All our members~ engaged in the play, no longer separate masters of isolated ego islands,

Now devoted subjects on Continent of Royal King and Queen in sincere embrace.

A Royal game of Real ecstasy and Bliss; a game of fun and seeming chance; A game of switching roles and identities that keeps us guessing and laughing.

It’s a game of winning and losing, though we know nothing is gained or lost. How can it when we are one with each other and are one with the All.

Let us play: play with each other, shipmates, with infinite oceans as playgrounds.

We are explorers to new shores revealing hidden mysteries, riches and splendors of Self.

We port and greet the natives as long lost relatives. We prepare a great feast to celebrate.

The communion is wide and deeply felt. Fairies, angels, and even mortals all welcomed.

We dance, for the gods love to dance, to mystic melodies of transformation. We make magic, and renew our kinship. You and I repose in Loves sacred embrace.

Our Tantra movements causing galaxies to move in turn, our rhythms giving them order,

Our hot Breaths birthing stars, our sweat and fluids oceaning planets,

Our vibrations generating new elements, our essence released inseminating

love child.

Our Soulful play makes God swoon. This continues for eons in mortal man’s time.

We are lifted beyond time and place while still in Love’s sacred embrace.

We rest from our love performance, our musical play; but all does not revert and fade.

We are forever changed. Our creations continue from their energized cause.

Our Truth Thought formations have our life within them. We are them and

they us.

The sanctuary is not for a brief ejaculatory moment. We rest to ready for higher peaks.

It is always within us as I shall always be with you. We are Soul mates forever.

When our bodies are no longer on this plain, we will still re-member our

sacred sanctuary.

Here we can always play God’s song in duet. Immortality is not just for this


In the sacred sanctuary, past, present and future are known at once in a

sweeping vision.

We ret1ect on our accomplished harmonies. We see a new Truth etched on

our hearts.

We have conquered all, including death, together, forever. It is a new stage

for life.

We shook off our smallness and bore all to each other in a sacred pact of

oneness. We have revealed and massaged each other’s most tender zones.

Each cell of mine integrated with each cell of yours, a unity modeling the Universal.

We have discovered the secret Self through each other by removing self

erected veils.

We have learned much through our experience in the sacred sanctuary. Through faith and trust we’ve become graduate candidates in the school of Immortals.

The final dissertation, a discourse on unconditional Love and fidelity to one


To humanity, and to God, for Whom to Whom, and by Whom all is done.

We have past the test. We’ve come to know in the sanctuary a boundless love.

There we anticipated all wonders, pretending not to know the future, but we did.

For the future was an assured outflow of miracles, though only to mortal eyes,

Erupting from the earth seen volcano of Love union, backed by Divine Bliss.

Enter we back to the mortal realm through Love’s volcano showing only surface results.

But beneath, is the dynamic magnum Force/Presence of Divine Love turned lava flow.

This Love flow, lava flow, coming from the depths now intimately known, Blows the top off of all obstructions, proclaiming it’s irresistible evolutionary movement.

It erupts with sometimes-explosive force viewed and respected if not revered by all.

Other times it moves slowly and steadily, yet still undeniably towards the Goal.

This lava flow, Love flow, is the resultant testament of our committed Love mixture.

It is movement from our sacred sanctuary back to the mortal realm.

Hot fiery display, it founts high peak. Inventing new form of Spiritual Love, Proclaiming the might of our Invisible Source Tapped; clearing a path made for all.

Full of the Love flow, we fashion new forms of Self, putting on transmuted instruments.

We are no longer made of base elements, but of immortality oxidized and hiding it’s brilliance.

With disguised radiance we roam the earth, secret agents of a mighty Country.

Missionaries of a new world order, where the infinite is revealed out of the finite.

We no longer forget our secret mission in the clamor of daily life.

We look out into the world and then into each other’s eyes, knowing but not speaking.

We hold hands appearing as mere lovers; but beneath the facade, God Lovers

By Roland Lucas to the Divine Shakti in the form of…


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