A Beginning on How the Market Works

This summer I incorporated into my math class how to trade stocks, track them, and predict again over 10 – 20 year periods. Howthemarketworks.com, Google Finance, and how to track stocks in excel YouTube video were three good resources. The follow-up lesson is the power of compound interest.

It was been a hit, and I will do it with all my high school students going forward. It also encouraged me to invest heavily in the stock market through Ameritrade and E-trade accounts, with have lots of help tools to ramp up on financial literacy. This has a marked positive impact on my mental outlook. One young Black man showed me that his parents opened an Ameritrade account for him based on his strong performance with a virtual 10,000 on how themarketworks.com.

Here is a sample spreadsheet each student created: Lucas- Stock Tracker – Sheet1

Here is a snapshot of a learning tool environment related to Ameritrade:




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